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Wendy’s Update: Demand REAL Transparency!

Wendy's STILL refuses to join the Fair Food Program (FFP). They claim that their own efforts and standards are sufficient to ensure ... Read More »

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Tobacco Farmer


We’re urging faith leaders across the U.S. and around the world to sign a letter to Mr. Richard Burrows, Chairman of the Board, British Am... Read More »

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🚨 ACTION ALERT! Farm Workforce Modernization Act 🚨

-URGENT- HR 1603, Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021 might come for a vote THIS WEEK. Call your representative today! Find your representa... Read More »

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Farmers walk in a field under a blue sky

Stop Abusive Farm Labor Contractors!

FLOC is reiterating its support for a moratorium on the approval of visas for farm labor contractors in the H2A “guestworker program” as a re... Read More »

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Stop Corrupt H2A Labor Contractors

Stop Corrupt H2A Labor Contractors!

FLOC has launched a new campaign against corrupt H2A labor contractors. The U.S. Department of Labor and corporate giants like Reynolds America have a... Read More »

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Action Alert: Tobacco Farm Workers

Action Alert: Support Tobacco Farm Workers in North Carolina!

Act Now in Solidarity with Tobacco Farm Workers! As you may have heard, in the past week the situation has become more dire for farm workers in Nor... Read More »

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Action Alert: The Farm Act

The FARM (Frontline At-Risk Manual) Laborers Protection Act (#FARMAct) was just introduced in the Senate by Sen. Merkley (D-OR) to take steps to resol... Read More »

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Action Alert: Support Two Dozen Blacklisted FLOC Members on Reynolds Farms

Join us on an URGENT action to support two dozen blacklisted FLOC members on Reynolds farms that grow tobacco and sweet potatoes.  TAKE A... Read More »

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Coronavirus: The Latest

Updated, 3/28/2021   Information is coming out daily that expands the implications of the current Coronavirus pandemic to all sorts of demograp... Read More »

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Make unemployment benefits and sufficient paid sick leave available to farm workers

Make unemployment benefits and sufficient paid sick leave available to farm workers, sign this petition to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi today! ... Read More »

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