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Advocates bring attention to racism rooted in farming across NC

Advocates Bring Attention to Racism Rooted in Farming Across NC. Public News Service

The article reports on the annual Harvest of Justice program hosted by the National Farm Worker Ministry, which aims to shed light on the adverse effe... Read More »

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Sexual violence is a pervasive threat for female farm workers heres how the US could reduce their risk

Sexual Violence Is a Pervasive Threat for Female Farm Workers – Here’s How the US Could Reduce Their Risk. The Conversation

Sexual violence is a serious threat to female farm workers, who are often immigrants, undocumented, and marginalized. The Conversation article suggest... Read More »

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How to Grow Good Housing

How to Grow Good Housing. Alta Journal

The article explores the challenges and opportunities of providing adequate and affordable housing for farmworkers in California, who often face subst... Read More »

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Pushing Back Against Loosening Child Labor Laws

Pushing Back Against Loosening Child Labor Laws. Yes! Magazine

States across the country are attempting to weaken child labor protections, just as violations of these standards are rising. This report identifies b... Read More »

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Farmworkers Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Farmworkers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. HBO.

John Oliver discusses the conditions farmworkers face, and how we’ve failed to protect them. View the full video on YouTube: April 17, 202... Read More »

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Children Working in Agriculture Face Grueling Labor With Little Legal Protection Speakers Say

Children Working in Agriculture Face Grueling Labor with Little Legal Protection. The Tablet

Children working in agriculture face grueling labor with little legal protection, speakers say. They are exposed to harsh conditions, pesticides, and ... Read More »

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