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NFWM Spring 2022 News & Views (pdf)

  • Shop Certified
  • Winter 2022 Board Meeting Report
  • Nan Freeman Memorial



NFWM Fall 2021 News & Views (pdf)

  • BAT Faith Leader Letter News
  • Summer 2021 Board Meeting Report
  • Harvest of Justice 2021


NFWM Spring 2021 News & Views (pdf)

  • Farm Workforce Modernization Act Update
  • Milk with Dignity
  • Celebrating 50 Years of NFWM




NFWM Fall 2020 News & Views (pdf)

  • FLOC’s New Campaign
  • NFWM’s Statement on Black Lives Matter
  • Summer 2020 Board Meeting Reflections


NFWM Spring 2020 News & Views (pdf)

  • COVID-19 Update
  • Winter 2020 Board Meeting Reports
  • National Farm Worker Awareness Week



NFWM Fall 2019 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM 2019 Summer Board Meeting
  • NFWM says goodbye to Susan Alan and Alex Jonas
  • FLOC: The latest


NFWM Spring 2019 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Board meets in San Jose, CA Supporting UFW & EFI
  • Premiere Raspberry Workers Deserve a Contract
  • Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) Scaling Up and Making a Difference!
  • FLOC’s Boycott of Reynolds American VUSE-Actions Growing
  • Coalition of Immokalee Workers 4 for Fair Food Tour
  • YAYA Updates: BUG Conference, YAYA Appreciation Dinner & Thank You, Dominique Aulisio!
  • NFWM Board, Staff, YAYAs & Friends meet in Bellingham, WA with Familias Unidas por la Jusitica, Community to Community, Farm Worker Ministry Northwest, PCUN and United Farm Workers.
  • United Farm Workers Stand Up to Darigold
  • Hurricanes, Flooding, Fires, Extreme Heat and Farm Workers
  • YAYA — Inspiring each other & the farm worker movement!
  • CIW Targets College Campuses

NFWM Spring 2018 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Board winter meeting in Orlando, FL
  • Remembering Nan Freeman
  • NFWM Board Endorses FLOC Boycott of Reynolds VUSE e-cigarette
  • NFWM Donates for Florida Hurricane Relief
  • NFWM Adopts Statement on Harvest Without Violence



NFWM Fall 2017 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Board Meets in Toledo, OH during FLOC Convention
  • Farm Workers Vote to Boycott Reynolds VUSE E-Cigarette
  • CIW’s Harvest without Violence Exhibit on the move! & Congrats to Greg Asbed.
  • Heroines of the Farm Worker Movement
  • Take Action: Protect Farm Worker Rights & National Clergy Fast

NFWM Spring 2017 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Statement on Executive Actions on Immigrants
  • NFWM Board meets in Fresno & has an action with Garawan Workers
  • Join CIW’s Human Rights Tour in March 2017
  • Familias Unidas por la Justicia named one of ILRF’s Human Rights Defenders
  • New FLOC Contract for 10,000 Farm Workers in Southeast
  • Farm Workers at Jackson Farming Get Court Settlement


NFWM Fall 2016 News & Views (pdf)

  • CA Governor Brown Signs Overtime Bill for Farm Workers
  • Familias Unidas por la Justicia Wins Union Election
  • Stories from the Fields: Pablo Hernandez Avila, FLOC Member
  • NFWM’s 45th Anniversary Dinner — a Big Success!
  • Sam Trickey Sues Wendy’s


NFWM Spring 2016 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Meets with Sakuma & Driscoll’s
  • January Board Meeting Collides with Historic Winter Storm
  • CIW’s Workers Voices Tour
  • Party with a Purpose: Host a House Party for NFWM



NFWM Fall 2015 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Grape Strike with UFW
  • Meet NFWM’s newest farm worker partner: Familias Unidas por la Justicia
  • A message to FLOC Members from NFWM
  • CIW Keeping the Heat on Wendy’s
  • YAYAs in Action: Supporting FLOC in NC, CIW’s Encuentro, & Chili Cookoff
  • Farm Worker Ministry Northwest Attends UFW’s Darigold Rally
  • Supporting Org. Spotlight: Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice (IAIJ)


NFWM Spring 2015 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Supports Administrative Relief for Farm Workers
  • YAYAs in Action (Holiday posadas, Valentines Day Action & More)
  • OCIC Celebrates 50 Years
  • NFWM Board visits CIW in Florida
  • NFWM Search Committee Looking for Executive Director Candidates
  • Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Reflection by Taylor Pfaff



NFWM Summer 2014 News & Views (pdf)

  • FLOC “Respect, Recognition, Raise” Campaign to Sign-up 5000 Farm Workers in NC
  • Now is the Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform – It is Way Past Time!
  • Workers Continue Fight for Rights with Gerawan
  • Patriarchy and Publix: Why We Need the Fair Food Program
  • NFWM Making Farm Workers Visible to People of Faith around the Country



NFWM Summer 2013 News & Views (pdf)

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform – The Time is NOW!
  • House Bill H.R. 1773: A Disaster for Farm Workers & US Policy
  • CIW – March for Right, Respect, and Fair Food to Publix … and on to Wendy’s
  • Farmworker Association of Florida’s General Assembly & 30th Anniversary
  • Honor Virginia Nesmith’s lifetime of Standing in the Gap with farm workers



NFWM Fall 2012 News & Views (pdf)

  • Eleven Companies Now Participating in CIW Fair Food Agreements!
  • FLOC Working for Justice for Tobacco Farm Workers
  • New UFW Contracts for California Farm Workers
  • Equitable Food Initiative Moves Forward
  • NFWM’s History Lauded at UFW 50th Anniversary Convention


NFWM Fall 2011 News & Views (pdf)

  • California:  The Long Road to Victory & Ruby Ridge Workers Seeking Justice
  • Update on FLOC Campaign for Tobacco Workers
  • United Church of Christ Marches on Publix
  • Looking for Food You Can Feel Good About Buying?
  • NFWM Honors OFWM & Rev. Ed Brandt
  • Community Disaster Center in Pierson, FL Opens

NFWM Spring 2011 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Meets in Washington, DC
  • In Memory of Three “Farm Worker” Women
  • Three Fat Bankers for Farm Workers
  • CIW’s “Do the Right Thing”
  • NFWM Celebrates 40 years as a National Organization
  • An Office for Farm Worker Women



NFWM Fall 2010 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Vigil for Farm Workers Who Have Died in CA Fields
  • YAYAs Push AgJobs and Dream Act & “Hit the Fields” Soccer Game
  • OFWM Supporting Ruby Ridge Workers
  • Sodexo Signs….one more CIW Victory!
  • Celebrating CA’s New Support Committee
  • NFWM Joins Global Farm Worker Meeting in California
  • FLOC’s JPMorgan Chase Divestment Campaign


NFWM Spring 2010 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Marches for Immigration Reform in Washington D.C.
  • 1,000 Join in Farmworker Freedom March in Florida
  • Honoring the Legacy of César Chávez & the Farm Worker Movement
  • March in NC Honors Farm Workers & Calls for Justice in Tobacco Fields
  • In California: Presentations, Marches & a Student Immersion Trip
  • YAYAs Honor César Chávez’s Call to Service



NFWM Fall 2009 News & Views (pdf)

  • California: Holding Companies Accountable
  • North Carolina: Calling for Responsibility throughout the Supply Chain
  • Florida: Justice in the Tomato Fields and Just Soup Suppers
  • Northwest: Protecting Dairy Workers and All Immigrant Farm Workers


NFWM Spring 2009 News & Views (pdf)

  • Reynolds Tobacco Shareholder Meeting and FLOC/NFWM Actions
  • NFWM and UFW Honor 15 Fallen Farm Workers with Prayer Vigils 
  • California’s Employee Free Choice Act for Farm Workers
  • AgJOBS Introduced in 111th Congress
  • More CIW Victories for Florida Farm Workers
  • NFWM YAYA (Youth and Young Adults) Alternative Spring Break
  • Farm Worker Awareness Week Celebrated Around the Country



NFWM Fall 2008 News & Views (pdf)

  • NFWM & Miami Clergy Vigil at Burger King’s Headquarters
  • Pesticides: A Serious Threat to FL Farm Workers
  • Help End the Oppression in the Tobacco Fields of North Carolina
  • Workers at Beef Northwest Need Our Support
  • 1,200 Workers at D’Arrigo Bros. Win UFW Contract in CA
  • Farmworker Awareness Week, March 30 – April 5



NFWM Summer 2007 News & Views (pdf)

  • Threemile Canyon Farms & UFW Sign Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • NFWM Board Visits Labor Camps in North Carolina
  • Murder of FLOC Organizer in Mexico
  • Farm Worker Leaders Meet at La Paz in June
  • UFW Urges CA Governor to Sign Fair Treatment of Farm Workers Act
  • NFWM Organized New Student Groups in Florida
  • CIW Puts Pressure on Burger King


NFWM Winter 2007 News & Views (pdf)

  • Victory for Oregon Farm Workers!
  • NFWM Meets in Portland, Oregon
  • CIW Truth Tour Headed for Chicago
  • No More Deaths: Lenten Farm Worker Remembrance in NC
  • Vaya con Dios… Lori Fernald Khamala & Welcome to Alexandria Jones
  • Local NFWM Support Committees Active in California & Florida
  • Damaging Freeze Hits California Farm Workers Hard