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Rule Changes Target Vulnerable Workers

The torrent of new rules being issued by the Bush administration as it heads out the door is turning into a regulatory fiasco. The changes have lowere... Read More »

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Cal-OSHA to Review Handling of Heat Cases

Heatstroke caused seven confirmed deaths and more than 60 worker injuries this year, despite tougher regulations enacted in 2006 with Gov. Arnold Schw... Read More »

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In the Trenches and Fighting Slavery

A delegation from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers recently took time during its "Northeast Tour for Fair Food" to visit The Nation offices in New Y... Read More »

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Harvesters of Justice video describes the realities of farm work in the United States

These short videos produced by the National Farm Worker Ministry describe the reality farm workers in the United States face every day as they harvest... Read More »

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