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NFWM Board Meets in San Jose, CA

During the weekend of February 1st, the NFWM Board held its bi-annual meeting in San Jose, CA. We were graciously hosted by former board member Pastor... Read More »

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Take Action: Tell Premiere Raspberries & Well-Pict to Honor the Farm Workers’ Union Contract

Join Rox Monterastelli & Carolyn Jaramillo of the Loretto Community and Write your letter today!   HERE IS WHY.  Premiere workers... Read More »

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Have an Hour to Spare for Farm Worker Justice?

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) needs your help.   This simple action supports thousands of tobacco farm workers and advances FLOC's boyc... Read More »

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National Farm Worker Ministry joins Sister Tess in remembering Nan Freeman, first martyr of the Farm Worker Movement

Dear Friends, Today, we remember Nan Freeman and her supreme sacrifice in solidarity with farmworkers, God's little ones, pushed to the margi... Read More »

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YAYA Celebrates Ms. Linda Lee & Continues Work with Black Farmers

On December 11, YAYA had the honor of celebrating Ms. Linda Lee as she received the Treston Davis-Faulkner Legacy Award presented by Central Florida J... Read More »

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Is your employer a match-maker?

Did you know many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees? Gifts from employees, spouses and retire... Read More »

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Thanks to you!

Did you miss the chance to donate to our year end campaign? It is NEVER too late to support NFWM's important work! ... Read More »

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United Methodist Women’s Strong Message to Wendy’s

On a cold Thursday in November (15th), a delegation called on Wendy’s at their corporate headquarters in Dublin, OH to sign the Fair Food Agreement.... Read More »

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On November 1st, NFWM sent a letter to the CEO of Starbucks to express deep concern about the conditions at Darigold member dairies, specifically Rub... Read More »

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The Vuse Monster Went Trick-or-Treating for Farm Worker Justice

It turns out the Vuse monster needs all of our help to end abuses in tobacco fields and lift the curse of exploitation. Last Friday, YAYA went tric... Read More »

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