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A Contemplative Day: Farmworker Communion

Pass around for each participant to read one paragraph each before the meal. Communal Act Many generations after that first supper, there was anothe... Read More »

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A Contemplative Day: Buddhist Meal Prayers

Make copies and pass out to group to read aloud together before meal. * Over the full serving bowls of food, say: In this food I see clearly the pre... Read More »

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Contemplative Day Reflecting on Food & Labor

(Modeled on Peace Hill Gathering 9/9/05 facilitated by Melinda Wiggins, Student Action with Farmworkers & Lori Fernald Khamala, National Farm Work... Read More »

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Farm Worker Worship Service

Compiled by the National Farm Worker Ministry OPENING PRAYER Leader: Let us begin by recalling the words of Cesar Chavez: "Every time we sit at a tab... Read More »

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Quotes and Readings

Voices of Farmworkers "We were all shaking because it was so hot, almost dehydrated. You know what I did? I left them.... It was less than an... Read More »

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Scriptures Related to Farm Workers and Immigrants

Social Responsibility & Action Deuteronomy 15:11: Open hand to poor Proverbs 21:13: Hear cry of poor Timothy (II) 1:7: Spirit of power Ps... Read More »

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Litanies and Responsive Prayers

LITANTY OF CHRISTIAN HOPE  From scripture and the words of Cesar Chavez Leader: When we are really honest with ourselves, we m... Read More »

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Blessing Prayer Bless the hands of the people of the earth, The hands that plant the seed, The hands that bind the harvest, The hands that carry the ... Read More »

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Reynolds Tobacco’s 2009 Annual Shareholders Meeting – NOT Business as Ususal!

On May 6th, NFWM, FLOC, farm workers and other allies gathered in Winston Salem, NC for a day of actions during the annual shareholders meeting of Re... Read More »

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Senator Diane Feinstein Reintroduces AgJOBs

Most of the workers who hand harvest the crops in our multi-billion dollar agricultural industry are immigrants and the majority lack legal documentat... Read More »

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