Shop Certified

As eaters, we can work to make sure the food we buy isn’t exploiting farm workers by purchasing agricultural products from a food certification program or from farms under a union/association contract. 

To be effective, certification programs must have strong enforcement policies and include workers in all levels of decision-making, governance, and enforcement. This includes independent auditing programs and worker control of claims made regarding labor practices. 

NFWM currently partners with four food certification programs that meet the above standards. Each organization is independent of NFWM and of each other, but all serve a similar purpose: to bring together growers, farm workers, packers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to transform agriculture at various levels and improve the lives and working conditions of farm workers.


NFWM Supported Food Certification Programs:

Agricultural Justice Project is a cross-sector, stakeholder-driven coalition working towards fairness, equity, & empowerment in the food system through awareness raising, tools for improving labor & trade practices, & Food Justice Certification for farms and food businesses.

Equitable Food Initiative is a nonprofit certification and skill-building organization that seeks to transform agriculture and improve the lives of farmworkers.

Fair Food Program is an award-winning, worker-driven human rights program, based on partnership among farm workers, growers and major retail brands.

Milk With Dignity is a program created by farm worker organization Migrant Justice to secure human rights for dairy workers.

All workers deserve living wages, access to and assistance with grievances, and support to have their complaints addressed. Democratic worker organizations or unions are critical to the success of the farm worker movement and securing justice for farm workers. Certification programs cannot and should not replace a worker’s right to freedom of association and the right to organize without fear of retaliation. However, food certification programs can potentially complement farm worker groups and set a high bar for labor practices on farms.

Learn more about food certification and food justice for farm workers. 

Support Union Contracts 

Farm workers who work on farms under a union contract earn higher wages and have better working conditions. By purchasing products under a union label, you are supporting the right for farm workers to collectively bargain for their wages and benefits. You are supporting the voice and choice of farm workers.