Church Women United Endorses Wendy’s Boycott

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In early 2023, Church Women United (CWU) announced that they supported the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program and had endorsed the Wendy’s Boycott. For the last year, CWU has been going through a lot of changes and NFWM took the time to work on helping CWU at different levels embrace this work. Last week, during CWU’s first Quadrennial Assembly since the pandemic, the Wendy’s boycott was announced to the over 200 participants from around the country. Here is a short video they released about this. CWU members are being asked to deliver store manager letters to their local Wendy’s.

Join CWU in showing your support for the Wendy’s Boycott by delivering manager letters to Wendy’s in your community and beyond. Here are instructions for taking action: 

  • Deliver a letter to your Wendy’s store manager. 
  • Feel free to use these campaign talking points when you speak to the manager.
  • Visit and complete the form to let the National Farm Worker Ministry know which location(s) you visited so they can keep track of every Wendy’s that has received a letter/postcard. Explore the map on the website but please know that a Wendy’s location can be visited more than once.

Mira & Elaine From CWU

“Church Women United is a national ecumenical Christian women’s movement representing Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian women. Founded in 1941, as the United Council of Church Women, this organization has more than 1,200 local and state units in the United States and Puerto Rico.”

Church Women United became the first major faith-based organization in several years to endorse the Wendy’s Boycott in support of CIW.  NFWM is pleased to have worked with CWU and will continue to encourage their efforts to help CIW spread the message of the Fair Food Nation and to assist NFWM as we continue to add locations to our Wendy’s map.  Let’s keep this campaign going!


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