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NFWM’s Spring 2016 News & Views

  •  Spring 2016 Newsletter IconNFWM Meets with Sakuma & Driscoll’s: WHO REALLY HAS THE LAST WORD?
  • January Board Meeting Collides with Historic Winter Storm
  • NFWM news from Ciw’s Workers Voices Tour
  • Party with a Purpose: Host a House Party for NFWM
  • YAYAs in Action
  • …and more!



NFWM Fall 2011 News and Views (pdf)

  • California:  The Long Road to Victory
  • RubyRidge Workers Seek Justice
  • Update on FLOC Campaign for Tobacco Workers
  • YAYA (Youth & Young Adult Network) Support Farm Workers
  • Orange County Interfaith Committee
  • Pinellas Support Committee Sacrificial Soup Supper
  • United Church of Christ Marches on Publix
  • Looking for Food You Can Feel Good About Buying?
  • NFWM Honors OFWM & Rev. Ed Brandt
  • Community Disaster Center in Pierson, FL Opens

NFWM Fall 2010 News and Views (pdf)

  • NFWM Vigil at Grape Vineyards Remembers Farm Workers Who Have Died in California Fields
  • YAYAs Push AgJobs and Dream Act
  • OFWM Supporting Ruby Ridge Workers
  • Sodexo Signs….one more CIW Victory!
  • “Hit the Fields” Soccer Game in Florida
  • OFWM Supporting Ruby Ridge Workers
  • OCIC Annual Fundraiser for NFWM
  • Celebrating CA’s New Support Committee
  • Farm Worker Monument Dedicated
  • NFWM Bids Farewell to Christy Lafferty
  • NFWM Joins Global Farm Worker Meeting in California
  • FLOC’s JPMorgan Chase Divestment Campaign

NFWM Spring 2010 News and Views (pdf)

  • President Obama Issues Proclamation Honoring Cesar Chavez
  • NFWM Marches for Immigration Reform in Washington D.C.
  • 1,000 Join in Farmworker Freedom March in Florida
  • Honoring the Legacy of César Chávez & the Farm Worker Movement during Farmworker Awareness Week
  • 15 mile March in North Carolina Honors Farm Workers & Calls for Justice in Tobacco Fields
  • In California: Presentations, Marches & a Student Immersion Trip
  • YAYAs Honor César Chávez’s Call to Service
  • Oregon’s Farmworker Awareness Week

NFWM Fall 2009 News and Views (pdf)

  • California: Holding Companies Accountable
  • North Carolina: Calling for Responsibility throughout the Supply Chain
  • Update from NFWM’s Youth and Young Adult Network (YAYA)
  • Florida: Justice in the Tomato Fields and Just Soup Suppers
  • Northwest: Protecting Dairy Workers and All Immigrant Farm Workers

NFWM Spring 2009 News and Views (pdf.)

  • Reynolds Tobacco Shareholder Meeting and FLOC/NFWM Actions
  • NFWM and UFW Honor 15 Fallen Farm Workers with Prayer Vigils this Summer
  • California’s Employee Free Choice Act for Farm Workers
  • AgJOBS Introduced in 111th Congress
  • More CIW Victories for Florida Farm Workers
  • NFWM YAYA (Youth and Young Adults)Alternative Spring Break
  • Farm Worker Awareness Week Celebrated Around the Country

NFWM Winter ’08 News & Views (.pdf)

  • NFWM & Miami Clergy Vigil at Burger King’s Headquarters
  • Pesticides: A Serious Threat to FL Farm Workers
  • Help En the Oppression in the Tobacco Fields of NOrth Carolina
  • Workers at Beef Northwest Need Our Support
  • 1,200 Workers at D’Arrigo Bros. Win UFW Contract in CA
  • NFWM’s Youth & Young Adult (YAYA) in Action
  • Farmworker Awareness Week, March 30 – April 5
  • Remembering Jerry Robinett

NFWM Summer ’07 News & Views (.pdf)

  • Threemile Canyon Farms & UFW Sign Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • New OFWM Director is Andre Cano
  • NFWM Board Visits Labor Camps in North Carolina
  • Murder of FLOC Organizer in Mexico
  • Housing Victory in North Carolina
  • Farm Worker Leaders Meet at La Paz in June
  • Myths About Farmworkers and Immigration
  • UFW Urges CA Governor to Sign Fair Treatment of Farm Workers Act
  • NFWM Organized New Student Groups in Florida
  • CIW Puts Pressure on Burger King
  • Doug Still, Long’time Farm Worker Advocate Dies

NFWM Winter ’07 News & Views (.pdf)

  • Victory for Oregon Farm Workers!
  • NFWM Meets in Portland, Oregon
  • CIW Truth Tour Headed for Chicago
  • Si Se Puded!…Steve Witte
  • No More Deaths: Lenten Farm Worker Remembrance and Call to Action in North Carolina
  • Welcome to Alexandria Jones
  • Vaya con Dios… Lori Fernald Khamala
  • Immigaration Reform
  • Local NFWM Support Committees Active in California & FLorida
  • Damaging Freeze Hits California Farm Workers Hard

NFWM Summer ’06 News & Views (pdf)

  • Host a Feast for Justice
  • NFWM’s YAYA Summit
  • FLOC Prepares for 10th Constitutional Convention
  • UFW Signs Landmark Contract for Guestworkers Nation-wide
  • Hundreds Demonstrate for Justice at Smithfield
  • UFW’s Boycott of Krug/Mondavi Wines

NFWM Winter ’06 News & Views (pdf)

  • Standing in the Gap With an Honest, Faithful Voice of Peace
  • Farm Worker Organizations meet with NFWM Board & Staff
  • Brother Ed Dunn
  • Selen Echeverria in Miami Office
  • Hazardous Work at Mega-Dairy
  • AgJOBS Action Needed NOW
  • Keeping Faith With Cesar’s Values

Summer 2005 Newsletter (pdf)

  • UFW Calls US to Boycott Gallo Wines
  • The Fruits of Solidarity
  • Coalition of Immokalee Victory – Taco Bell Boycott Ends
  • “Jesus Left the Building and We Followed”
  • Union Activist Fired by Threemile Canyon Dairy
  • Rosemary A. Coopperrider, March 9, 1919 – June 6, 2005
  • News from North Carolina
  • FLOC in Mexico
  • Pesticide Abuse in Florida Fields
  • Fall Vote in Senate Anticipated for AgJOBS

Fall 2004 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Farm Worker Victory in North Carolina Makes History. MT. OLIVE BOYCOTT OVER!
  • NFWM Board & Staff Meet in North Carolina
  • Leading Up to FLOC Contract Signing, NFWM Joins Organizing Push in North Carolina Fields
  • OFWM Waging Successful Campaign on Behalf of Three Mile Canyon Dairy Workers
  • Florida Hurricanes Impact Farm Workers
  • AgJOBS Call To Action
  • Boycott Taco Bell
  • Gallo Unfair!
  • NFWM’S New California State Coordinator
  • NFWM Launches YAYA!
  • Tom Miller 1932-2004
  • UMC Advance Giving Provides Way to Donate to NFWM

January 2004 Newsletter (pdf)

  • No Human Being Is Illegal: Reforming Immigration Policy
  • AgJOBS Bill: Farm Worker Legislation Needs Your Support
  • Bush’s Immigration Reform Criticized as Ill-Conveived
  • NFWM Visits Altar, Mexico
  • National Council of Churches Endorses Mt. Olive & Taco Bell Boycotts
  • Boycott of Mt. Olive Pickles Gains Important Endorsements
  • 2004 Taco Bell Truth Tour
  • The Ministry Mourns the Passing of Long-Time Farm Worker Activists
  • Education Resource Available Summer 2004
  • PictSweet Settles – UFW Victorious – Boycott Called Off
  • Gallo of Sonoma Workers Fight for New Contract
  • Threemile Canyon Farm Dairy Workers

Summer 2003 Newsletter, pp. 1-3*: (pdf)

  • NFWM Joins Four Major Farm Worker Organizations in Celebrating UCC Commitment to Farm Workers
  • Benton Rhoades: A Lifetime of Commitment
  • NFWM Members Support Nationwide Boycott of Taco Bell
  • 1,400 Farm Workers in California Win Contracts in June
  • News from Miami
  • Supporting the Mt. Olive Boycott at Kroger Shareholders’ Meeting
  • NC Sister Communities Project Gets Help from Summer Interns
  • Farm Worker Conditions in North Carolina Reported

Summer 2003 Newsletter, pp. 4-6*: (pdf)

  • Cesar Chavez Postage Stamp
  • International Convention on Migrant Workers’ Rights
  • Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
  • Say That Again!?
  • NFWM Board Meets Farm Workers in Washington
  • From NFWM’s Executive Director

Fall 2002 Update*: (pdf)

  • NFWM Opens 3 New Offices – California, Miami & Washington State
  • Sister Communities in North Carolina Connect Congregations and Farm Workers
  • Duke University Reneges on Endorsement of Mt. Olive Boycott
  • Union-Label Organic Bluberries in Oregon
  • Accompaniment Program Brings Community in Contact with Farm Workers

Summer 2002 Newsletter, pp. 1-4*:(pdf)

  • The Ministry in Action
  • Norpac Boycott Suspended!!!
  • Oregon Farm Worker Ministry
  • NFWM Office to Open in Delano, CA
  • NFWM Support Committees in Action
  • NFWM Board Members Protest PictSweet’s Anti-Union Tactics and Celebrate the Success of Caostal Berry Contract
  • SB 1736 – Action Needed on California Legislation
  • North Carolina News
  • Sister Communities & Labor Camp Visits
  • UUSC Work Camps

Summer 2002 Newsletter, pp. 5-8*:(pdf)

  • Taco Bell Truth Tour
  • UUSC Using Shareholder Strategy with Taco Bell
  • Students Active in Farm Worker Organizing
  • In Tribute: Rev. August A. VandenBosche; Luana Boutilier; Chris Bergtholdt; Msgr. George Higgins
  • “Fix Our Immigration Laws Now” Campaign
  • Support Farm Workers – Look for Union Products!

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