NFWM Heads to Washington DC!

methodistbuildingsign2.jpgAs a huge snowstorm moved across the east coast, National Farm Worker Ministry staff and board members gathered in Washington DC. For three days at the end of January we reflected on the history of the farmworker movement and NFWM, set out a vision for the coming year, and visited the hall’s of our nation’s capital to push lawmakers on farmworker rights.

On Friday we met with a variety of leaders from both the NGO-world and the Obama Administration at the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill. After walking through the cold and snowy (but beautiful) downtown Washington DC we were excited to see the sign in front of the UMB reading “Have you eaten today? Thank a farmworker!” Later on in the day Congressional staffers mentioned to a board member that the sign received a good deal of attention.

Tess Browne, SCN Supporting CIW’s "Do the Right Thing" Tour in Northeast

Tess Browne, SCN, former NFWM Board member who represented her community, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, is now active with the Massachusetts Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice and has been participating them in actions in the Boston area to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Campaign for Fair Food . On November 8, 2010, Tess and other activists delivered hundreds of postcards to Ahold USA, the parent company of Stop & Shop, one of the grocery chains CIW is targeting in its campaign, and sought a meeting with Ahold representatives.

Although they were denied a meeting then, CIW allies in the Boston area were able, this February,t o speak with Harriet Hentges, Ahold USA’s Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, about the supermarket chain’s refusal to sign a Fair Food agreement with the CIW . These activities are in preparation for CIW’s “Do the Right Thing” Tour in the Northeast. On Sunday, February 27th, marchers will gather in Copley Square for a peaceful rally featuring live music and addresses from CIW members and allies, then march to the Brigham Circle Stop & Shop grocery store. There, the march will culminate in a spirited action calling on Ahold USA to do its part to end farm worker abuse and exploitation! For more information on the tour, click HERE.
quincy_nov_2011 tess browne.jpg
Tess Browne, SCN, second from left, and Boston faith allies deliver hundreds of postcards to Stop & Shop headquarters in Boston last November.


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