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Cesar Chavez, Chris Hartmire

NFWM’s 50 for 50: Celebrating history

Featuring stories of some of the 50 people, events, and even "things" that tell the history of NFWM, our new online exhibit celebrates the 50... Read More »

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Nationwide Logo Competition

National Farm Worker Ministry and the Youth and Young Adult Network are excited to announce the launch of a nationwide logo competition for young... Read More »

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A Contemplative Day: Cesar Chavez’s Fasts for Righteousnes

This should be read before the walking meditation, and can be read by being passed from one participant to the next. Facilitator can choose to use 1-2... Read More »

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Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez was the founder of the United Farm Workers. He advocated tirelessly for justice in the struggle to achieve equality for farm workers. Cl... Read More »

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Autobiography of La Causa. Jacques E. Levy. W.W. Norton & Co. 1975. Conquering Goliath: Cesar Chavez at the Beginning. Fred Ross. El Taller Graf... Read More »

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“Viva La Causa”, Southern Poverty Law Center (2008) 39 min. Documentary focusing on one of the seminal events in the march for human rights - the... Read More »

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Farm Worker Conditions

The food that overflows our market shelves and fills our tables is harvested by men, women, and children who often cannot satisfy their own hunger - C... Read More »

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Background- FLOC RT

Background and History FLOC Reynolds Tobacco Campaign R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States, manu... Read More »

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