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Quotes from Cesar Chavez

“What do we want the church to do? We ask for its presence with us, beside us, as Christ among us. We ask the church to sacrifice with the people fo... Read More »

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Teach or Lead a Study group on Cesar

Do you teach? Or desire to lead a study group? The Chavez Foundation and NFWM offers some great resources to bring the lessons of Chavez and the stru... Read More »

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Farmworker Awareness Week Events in Oregon

On March 28, farm workers and their supporters held a “Gran Marcha” for justice in Hermiston, Oregon, organized by the United Farm Workers union... Read More »

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Florida Church Women United Supports FLOC & CIW

Florida CWU attendees to this year’s Annual Assembly in March sent letters to the Lionel Nowell, Senior Vice President and Treasurer of PepsiCo. M... Read More »

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Pray. – Harvest of Justice Table Prayers

Engaging participants at the event and afterwards is important. The NFWM has long felt that prayer is an important practice in justice work. Below are... Read More »

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United Farm Workers’ Prayer

UNITED FARM WORKERS' PRAYER written by Cesar Chavez Show me the suffering of the most miserable, so I may know my people's plight. Free me to pray ... Read More »

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Immersion trip to Homestead and Immokalee

On April 17-19, a group of middle school students from Miami spent their weekend in the rural communities of Homestead and Immokalee. They engaged in ... Read More »

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Lack of Social Benefits and Legal Protections

“We shall strike. We shall organize boycotts. We shall demonstrate and have political campaigns. We shall pursue the revolution we have proposed. ... Read More »

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Women Farm Workers Face Special Challenges

"Be angry about injustice! Use your skills to make the world a better place." Dolores Huerta- Duke University, 1983 Women Farm Workers Face Specia... Read More »

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Farm Worker Health Concerns

“It is clearly evident that our path travels through a valley of tears well known to all farm workers, because in all valleys the way of the farm... Read More »

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