Stop Corrupt H2A Labor Contractors!

Stop Corrupt H2A Labor Contractors

FLOC has launched a new campaign against corrupt H2A labor contractors. The U.S. Department of Labor and corporate giants like Reynolds America have allowed for the growth of exploitative H2A labor contractors that commit human right abuses with impunity in the agricultural supply chain.

In recent years, H2A Labor Contractors have grown exponentially from small players with a few dozen workers to huge operations with thousands of workers working for dozens of farms. In 2020 alone, FLOC members lost over 700 jobs because growers are subcontracting labor out to unscrupulous labor contractors.

What is so Bad About H2A Labor Contractors (H2ALC)?

H2ALCs are almost always out of compliance with laws and provide some of the most abusive working conditions in the agricultural industry. These contractors are also given the power of the federal government to control access to work visas and regularly threaten workers with deportation, punishing economic circumstances, and violence to keep workers from speaking out. H2ALCs convince growers that they can provide a workforce at significantly lower costs and little or no legal liability. These tremendous financial and legal benefits can easily be seen as a safe and profitable way forward for growers. In the end, however, union jobs are lost, workers are exploited, and protections in an already dangerous and notorious industry are rolled back.

Join us and sign the petition calling on the Department of Labor to end the practice of supporting abusive H2A labor contractors. For more information, please click here:



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