Let's Drive Safe, Sunshine State!

Mixtec Immigrant Picking Strawberries farm worker fieldsYAYA-NFWM supports Driver’s Licenses for ALL Floridians to drive safe in the Sunshine State!

If every driver in Florida can apply for a Driver’s License, we will all benefit from:

  • Safer roads because all drivers will be required to take a driving test
  • More drivers will be covered by car insurance
  • Lower insurance premiums for all Floridans
  • Increased revenue to our state
  • A boost to our local economy

The Florida Driver’s License for ALL campaign is very important to Florida farm workers because it will serve as a means for workers to drive to and from work without being under the threat of deportation for driving without a license.

11 other states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Maryland, and Washington D.C.) have passed similar legislation to make driver’s license a requirement for all drivers!

Please support the campaign by signing the petition for ALL Floridians to have access to driver’s licenses!

Make sure to LIKE the Driver’s Licenses for ALL Floridians Facebook page to stay up to date on happening with the campaign!

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