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Congress Must Pass “The BAN OPs Act”

NFWM joins Alianza Nacional de Campesinas and other partners in demanding congress pass the Banning All Neurotoxic Organophosphate Pesticides from our Food Act (The BAN OPs Act). And we need your support for this farm worker led campaign!

From Alianza: Farm workers have long-suffered the consequences of being exposed to this deadly pesticide. Alianza has tirelessly advocated to protect farm workers from pesticide exposure for years. Organophosphates are a particularly harmful group of chemicals that can be lethal even when workers wear proper protective clothing. Studies have shown that exposure to organophosphates can cause long-term health effects, including neurological and behavioral harm. Pregnant workers are especially at risk, as organophosphates have been linked to congenital birth anomalies in children. 

Farm worker women care for their families and the Earth. Unfortunately, many are unaware that they are being exposed to harmful pesticides while they work. Others have no choice but to work under such dangerous conditions due to a lack of immigration status and resources.

We urge Congress to stand with farm workers and their families in banning the use of organophosphates in our farm and food systems. Please contact your legislators and ask them to pass this important bill. Here are some helpful resources you can use as you reach out to Congress and raise awareness in your communities: 

One Pager on The BAN OPs Act

The BAN OPs Act Talking Points

Suggested Email Copy – English

Suggested Email Copy – Spanish

We are also looking for people who would be willing to participate in virtual meetings with their legislators. If you are interested, please contact Julie Taylor at


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