Farm Worker Provisions in Senate Bill 744

Senate Bill 744,  The Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, includes provisions that would specifically impact farm workers and their families. These components represent a detailed compromise that resulted from intense negotiations between agribusiness representatives and the United Farm Worker together with Senators Feinstein (D-Cal.), Bennet (D-Col.), Rubio (R-Fla.), and Hatch (R-Ut.).  Attached is a […]

Religious leaders write to oppose House Bill H.R. 1773: the Agricultural Guestworker Act

The agricultural labor provisions of the Senate Bill are the result of a compromise between the United Farm Workers and all of the nation’s major grower associations  representing both large and small farms. Both sides made concessions to reach the agreement.  However, Rep. Bob  Goodlatte, (R, Virginia)  the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, chose […]

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Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network: Executive Director – POSITION Announcement

POSITION Announcement- CMFN Executive Director  Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network seeks a dynamic, faith-based leader with demonstrated commitment to social justice for the position of Executive Director. ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW CMFN’s mission is to promote the formation of welcoming church communities by advocating social justice, dignity, and respect for all, in order that we may be a […]

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