Join Milk With Dignity

Tell Hannaford Supermarkets to join Milk With Dignity! The Milk with Dignity Program invites corporations like Hannaford, which are profiting from the dairy industry, to take responsibility for abusive conditions in their supply chain. The program requires participating corporations to pay a premium that is shared between workers and farmers. Even though the Milk With Dignity program has a proven track record of improving conditions for workers and farmers, Hannaford refuses to join. Farm workers have put out a call to action to allies to join the campaign, and demand Hannaford to join the Milk with Dignity Program.

Here’s How to Participate: 

  1. Leave a comment on Hannaford’s Social Media Channels (Facebook or Instagram) telling them to join #MilkWithDignity.
  2. Join Migrant Justice when they host a call campaign telling the CEO of Hannaford to join Milk With Dignity. (Subscribe to NFWM’s e-mails so you can stay up-to-date on campaign actions.)
  3. If you live in the Northeast, you can adopt your local Hannaford store to consistently show your solidarity with farmworkers’ fight for Milk with Dignity!