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If We Are All David, We Can Beat Goliath Together

It has been over a decade of asking Wendy’s to do the right thing for farm workers and join the Fair Food Program. But they continue to make excuses and refuse to join. Wendy’s is a Goliath who thinks they can get away with exploitation because they believe consumers don’t actually care. Wendy’s is content to make large profits while farm workers suffer in their supply chain. But consumers do care, and we are joining farm workers to hold Wendy’s accountable. 

We ask you to be like David (Smith), who is fighting back against this Goliath by delivering manager letters to his area Wendy’s. Michael Komba is also showing he won’t stand for farm worker exploitation and is dropping off letters across his home city and places he travels. They are holding Wendy’s accountable and letting them know consumers (their customers) are not OK with their refusal to join the Fair Food Program. 

If we stand with farm workers and raise our voices together – we can win against Goliath. We might feel small, but we will have an impact that Wendy’s cannot ignore if more of us take action. Please visit the Wendy’s Boycott Campaign page to download our materials and show Wendy’s you will no longer tolerate farm worker exploitation. Watch our map of visited Wendy’s locations grow as we each sling our shots at this Goliath, who will only change when they feel forced to do so. Learn More.

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