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Wendy’s Response To Faith Leaders

Ohio faith leaders have received a response from Wendy’s executives to their November letter, which urged Wendy’s to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program. 

Wendy’s response letter highlighted their code of conduct and ethical practices. In the letter, they stated they don’t believe joining the Fair Food Program is necessary to demonstrate they have a responsible supply chain. 

Ohio faith leaders disagree with Wendy’s stance that their current review system is thorough enough to create a supply chain clean of labor violations and human rights abuses. The faith leaders sent a response back to Wendy’s executives this month, pressing them to truly commit to human rights by joining the Fair Food Program. The follow-up letter calls attention to the fact that Wendy’s own shareholders, in an effort led by faith-based investors, overwhelmingly supported a shareholder resolution in favor of the Fair Food Program. The letter ends with a request for Wendy’s to meet with faith leaders and farm workers to further discuss Wendy’s participation in the Fair Food Program. 

Wendy’s stands alone as the last of the five major fast-food corporations in the country to refuse to join the Fair Food Program. McDonald’s, Burger King, Yum!Brands and Subway have all done the right thing and are participating buyers. Click here for a full list of participating buyers and growers.

Wendy’s is continuing to profit from the exploitation of farm workers, and the faith leaders will not back down from holding the fast-food company accountable. 

Please continue to honor the boycott of Wendy’s until they sign on to the Fair Food Program. Visit the campaign page to learn more about the boycott and how to show your support.

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