FLOC’s 12th Quadrennial Constitutional Convention

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What: FLOC’s 12th Quadrennial Constitutional Convention

When: Thursday, October 10th to Sunday, October 13th

Where: Durham, North Carolina (transportation leaving from Orlando, Florida).

Why: FLOC has asked YAYAs to volunteer during this event


Join the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), the National Farm Worker Ministry and its Youth and Young Adult Network (YAYA) for FLOC’s 12th Quadrennial Constitutional Convention in North Carolina.

The convention will focus on democratically making strategic decisions about how to challenge RJ Reynolds to change the exploitative agricultural labor supply system in North Carolina.


YAYAs will travel to North Carolina to lend a helping hand throughout the event by volunteering to:

  • Act as transportation specialists for FLOC members
  • Prepare convention materials and meals
  • Help coordinate the march/rally that will follow the convention
  • Help with anything that might be needed during the event
  • Host organizing trainings on Sunday, October 13


Florida YAYAs will be leaving the Orlando area on Thursday October 10th, and will return on October 13.

We are asking folks to donate $40 to offset the costs of the rental car and gas.

For more information contact Nico Gumbs.


From FLOC’s Website: North Carolina continues to draw national attention as it leads the country setting precedents in sub-standard conditions, wages, and anti-worker legislation. While we have made much progress, including one of the largest union victories in the state with a supply chain agreement brokered between Mt. Olive Pickle Company and the North Carolina Growers Association representing more than 7,000 workers, we also have become a target of the “Right to Work” ideologues.

The State Legislature just passed a bill that attempts to ensure that farm workers never attain labor rights, the right to organize, or freedom of association. It was aimed at undercutting our campaign against Reynolds American and the state’s other tobacco companies. This shameful initiative is a reminder of the heartless beating down of an already exploited group of workers for the sake of power and profits.

As we have persevered in the past, we will continue the struggle today in our historical non-violent tradition. This Convention will dictate our steps, our actions, and our future for the men and women who will lead us in defending the most vulnerable works in the land to make America fulfill its principles of life, liberty and justice for all.

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