CIW Campaign for Fair Food

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The National Farm Worker Ministry began working with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in response to a request for support during their month-long hunger strike in 1998. Since that time, NFWM has been active in CIW’s campaigns to bring giant fast food corporations, supermarkets and the tomato industry to act as responsible corporations throughout their supply chains. Click here for more information.

Plan a Farm Worker Celebration

NFWM encourages supporters to participate in a tradition of the farm worker movement. We are offering all the materials you’ll need to host a sacrificial meal honoring the hands that harvest our food. altar-getinvolved.jpg


Plan a Farm Worker Sabbath Worship Service for your congregation or community and raise an offering to support the work of NFWM. Resources that can be used at the service are available at Worship Resources in English or Spanish

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Organize Locally

Educate Within Your Communities: Educate members of your congregation or community organization and seek the endorsement of current farm worker boycotts and campaigns. These endorsements are vital for the success of farm worker efforts.

Join With Others: NFWM works with congregations and community organizers in many parts of the U.S. to gather support for the field organizing of farm worker organizations. Let us know if you want help finding your nearest farm worker support group.

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Pray and Reflect

Prayer and reflection are the basis of our work and an important support. We provide several prayer resources.


Join Us at Reynolds Tobacco Shareholder Meeting – May 6th

FLOC March on RJR (7)_1.JPGThe Annual Shareholders Meeting of Reynolds Tobacco (RAI) will be held on Wednesday, May 6 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As these decision-makers for Reynolds Tobacco meet, the National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM), the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) and farm worker supporters will be there to tell Reynolds’ management and shareholders that farm workers are stakeholders too!

For more information about the FLOC/Reynolds Tobacco Campaign, click here.

Farm Worker Conditions

picker fw conditions.jpgMigrant and seasonal farm workers perform numerous tasks necessary for cultivating and harvesting a large share of our nation’s food supply. But in spite of their backbreaking labor, the vast majority of agricultural workers do not enjoy the same rights and benefits that most of us take for granted.

Click here to find out more about the living, working and health conditions of our nation’s approximately two million migrant and seasonal farm workers.


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Farmworker Awareness Week in NC

To celebrate Farmworker Awareness Week in North Carolina, Alexandria (Alex) Jones gave the reflection during the Sunday service at Caledonia UMC in Laurinburg, made presentations to students from the Struggle & Hope Course at Salem College in Winston-Salem and from the Wesley Foundation at NC State University in Raleigh and she attended the Church Women United of NC’s State Meeting. Alex also participated in some of the numerous events organized by Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF).

You can read Alex’s reflection, Building Bridges, Not Walls, given at Caledonia UMC.

Cesar Chavez

cesarlooking.jpgCesar Chavez was the founder of the United Farm Workers. He advocated tirelessly for justice in the struggle to achieve equality for farm workers. Click here to learn more about Cesar and what you can do to bring lessons to your home community.

Activities for Older Children & Adults

Below are experiential activities to use with young people or adults to make farm worker issues come alive.

1. Farm worker Jeopardy

2. Repollo/ Cabbage Game
A “cabbage” made of sheets of paper balled up around each other to look like a cabbage is thrown from person to person in the room. Each sheet of paper has a question about farmworkers and the answer. The person with the cabbage in hand asks the rest of the group the question on the paper and the group tries to guess the answer. When the right answer is guessed, the cabbage is thrown to a different person in the circle.

3. Farm Worker Truth or False
You give participants a farmworker “quiz” and then review the answers to see how much people know—or don’t know—about farmworkers.

4. Sit down If…
With all participants standing, you make statements like “You have access to a washer and dryer and could wash clothes right away if they got really dirty and you needed to.” Most of the participants will sit down. Then, share with people a farm worker fact illustrating that they do not have access to things we take for granted. This activity is focussed primarily on conditions in North Carolina.

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California’s Broken Promises: The Laws on the Books are Not the Laws in the Fields. Stories and photos of California Farm Workers. Published by the UFW, 2007.

Florida’s Farmworkers in the 21st Century. Nano Riley & Davida Johns. University Press of Florida. 2003.

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The Radical Peasant. Gerald F. Cox. Trafford Publishing. 2006.
Biography of Fr. Charles Philipps, diocese of San Francisco, who mentored several young priests who were early and life-long activists in the farm worker movement, and active with the UFW.

For children:

Cesar Chavez. Ruth Franchere. Illustrated by Earl Thollander. Thomas Y. Crowell Company. 1970.

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez. Kathleen Krull. Illustrated by Yuyi Morales. Harcourt, Inc. 2003.

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