State and Local Government Honor Farm Worker Awareness Week

Governor Ted Kulongoski’s Proclamation designating March 29 to April 4 “Farm Worker Awareness Week” and recognizing both the contribution of farm workers to Oregon’s well-being and the continuing struggle for justice in the work place will be presented at a public ceremony at the state capitol in Salem at noon on Tuesday, March 31, the birthday of farm labor organizer Cesar Chavez.  For the first time, similar proclamations have been issued by the Multnomah County Commissioners and the Portland City Council, adding further legitimacy to the farm worker movement.

Call on Gov. Schwarzeneggar to prevent heat deaths this summer!



Last summer, 6 farm workers died heat-related deaths in the fields of California. These workers’ death should have been prevented. There are regulations in place in California that guarantee farm workers shade, water, breaks when necessary, and training for foreman and themselves on how to deal with heat stroke. But the death of workers in the fields is evidence that the regulations are not being enforced by the State and are being ignored by employers.

On March 17th, 2009, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA), announced a that a series of seminars will take place this spring around the state to train employers on how to prevent heat illness. But training is not enough. Take action now to demand there be enforcement of the regulations this summer to prevent future deaths!

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