Host a Discussion around Gender Based Violence

Organize one or more sessions for the church women’s group(s) to discuss gender based violence in the fields. Link it to their own experience of sexual violence and harassment in the workplace.

The session might begin with the reading of selections from the letter sent by farm worker women to the #METOO movement. Also watch the National Farm Worker Ministry video, Maricela’s Story: Standing with Farm Workers Against Gender Based Violence.

It could be followed by handing out the Power and Control Wheel which was developed for understanding domestic violence by activists in Minnesota. The group could reflect on what was seen in the video and how it matches with the realities of farm worker women. The purpose of this part of the discussion is to help further understand the kinds of issues farm worker women face and how those issues are similar to those of other women in situations of harassment and violence in the workplace.

An optional activity for this session could be creating white bandanas in solidarity. Another session might also be scheduled in which the group would take time to do a Bible study that could take a new look at the story of Vashti in the book of Esther Chapter one. Talk about the realities of power and control in Vashti’s story or look at the story of the Bent Over woman in Luke 13 which tells of the need to break the rules to create healing.

See the biblical resources for Bible study materials. 

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