The Vuse Monster Went Trick-or-Treating for Farm Worker Justice

It turns out the Vuse monster needs all of our help to end abuses in tobacco fields and lift the curse of exploitation.

Last Friday, YAYA went trick-or-treating and invited our partners at the Farmworker Association of Florida and Hope CommUnity Center to our November picket in solidarity with tobacco farm workers in North Carolina.

The picket will be Monday, November 26th at 5:30 P.M. at the Wawa at 449 W. Main St., Apopka, FL. Visit our #BoycottVuse page to find out why we are holding monthly protests at Wawa and other convenient stores.

First we stopped by the Farmworker Association of Florida office in Apopka. The Vuse monster knew that the staff at FWAF would truly understand how urgent is for everyone to come out to the picket at Wawa in order to end human rights abuses in the tobacco farms that sell to R.J. Reynolds.

The Vuse monster surprised Ivan while he was busy at work.

Yesica, the Apopka Area Organizer wonders where she can get a Vuse costume for Halloween.

Next we headed over the Hope CommUnity Center South. The members and staff received the Vuse monster with a warm welcome and promised to come out to the picket in support of tobacco workers on November 26th.

At Hope CommUnity Center North, the staff were more than a little surprised to encounter the Vuse monster!

They too pledged their solidarity with tobacco workers!

Lastly, the Vuse monster had to get down to work, because after all, it is election season in Florida, and farm workers and other rural residents need to know their rights about when and where to vote. Thanks to the Vuse monster for helping with Hope CommUnity Center’s phone bank!

We will see you at the picket on Monday, November 26th in Apopka!

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