CIW at Stetson University

13The National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM), the Hispanic Organization for Latin American Awareness (H.O.L.A) and Stetson’s chapter for the Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) Network for the NFWM: Students for Farm Workers (SFW) hosted the CIW Truth Tour. A series of events were planned throughout the day.

Stetson University Students and NFWM Staff members organized a total of 8 events on campus, including 4 classroom presentations, a public presentation, a demonstration at the local Burger King, a dinner and a concert.

During the early morning, students set up homemade banners around campus, an information table and a total of 70 buckets at the University’s quad when the workers arrived, everything was set!

There were classroom presentations from 9 am to 1:15 pm. Then there was a general presentation, open to the public. Students struggled to carry a 32 lb. bucket that is just like the one used by the workers in Immokalee. After the presentations, everyone was ready to demonstrate!

32Students, workers & local supporters made their presence – and their opinion – known.  After the demonstration everybody was hungry and tired, so we met for a community dinner with Stetson professors, Students, religious leaders and members of our community. New Hope United Church of Christ sponsored the meal.

We finished our day with a wonderful concert by 3 local bands: The Carlos David Band, Two Piece Chicken Dinner and DISH (Two Piece Chicken Dinner members are University professors that supported the cause).

A warm thank you for all who made this day possible!

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