Thank you! The yard sale was a success :)

Yard SaleOn Saturday, August 3, YAYA President Brian Luft parted ways with his beloved and rare collection of all four Jaws movies on VHS.

The collection was not lost in vain, however: the VHS tapes were some of many items donated as part of our annual YAYA yard sale to continue our efforts in fighting for farm worker justice.

The yard sale was held at my home, it was largely a success, even though it did take folks a while to show interest in the VHS tapes. (Our larger items, including a guitar, a ukulele, and some free weights sold rather quickly, though). In fact, we quickly learned that the yard sale crowd does not mess around. Brian and I set up at about 7:30 a.m., and we had folks lined up, eager to shop, before we were finished setting up our tables!

Thanks to all of your donations, we were able to earn $111, which will be matched by a grant from the Fund for Democratic Communities (f4dc). F4dc supports community-centered initiatives and institutions that foster democracy and work to enhance the quality of life for their communities. These funds will allow us continue our efforts nationally and locally, both through providing funds for travel and for providing funds to be used in local campaigns for raising awareness.

The yard sale itself helped us to raise awareness about farm worker issues and efforts to folks as they sifted through clothing and other household items they were looking to purchase. Some of the folks who came by were unaware of a lot of labor and working condition issues we brought up, such as fair wage, pesticide, and women’s health concerns.

Thanks to all who donated and came out to help with the yard sale! We couldn’t have done it without your support!

Gabriela Raquel Ríos
Orlando YAYA

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