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Teleconference with Baldemar Velasquez

On Sunday Feburary 27th, YAYA came together with members of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and other allies to talk about the FLOC campaign. We had many new YAYA members attend and members from chapters in Orlando, Rollins College, and Deland.

I had a great time talking with the other YAYA members, hearing their stories and sharing mine. The food provided by Mireya was excellent. So excellent that everyone ate their fill and took some home!

We had the incredibly good fortune to get in contact with Baldemar Velasquez, from theFarm Labor Organizing Committee, beforehand. So we invited him to join us. Unfortunately, Baldemar was not able to to make it.

At the same time as our event, events in Wisconsin demanded a response from FLOC and other labor leaders. However, he was able to to teleconference  with us through Skype. We asked him a lot of questions: about the situation in Wisconsin, his past experiences organizing unions, and how to talk with people that are against you. His advice was energizing and revealing especially in the current political climate.

When we talk with other activists we strengthen our resolve and the movement as a whole. Building a community, learning what’s possible and from the past is what will help us weather the storm. If we lean on one another we can all stand tall.

– James Quill
Orlando YAYA

(Photos courtesy of Katie Gillett)

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