Submit Comments on the new H-2A Regulations

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently released proposed regulations for H-2A Guestworkers, a temporary visa provided to farm workers for seasonal work in our country. 

These H-2A regulations govern the way this program works in our country. They would effectively reduce many worker’s wages, give the workers responsibility for the cost of their transportation, make housing safety standards weaker and limit the number of current US workers to be employed at H-2A farms. In 2018, 242,000 H-2A visas were approved and the number is exponentially increasing to affect a larger portion of farm workers around the country. Your voice is needed… COMMENTS ARE DUE BY SEPTEMBER 24th, and make sure to name NFWM!

The DOL is planning extensive changes to the current H-2A program, a number of which would harm farm workers – both U.S. and foreign, as well as their families. Along with our partners and allies, NFWM would like to generate a large number of comments to the proposed changes. A model here (click to download) was created by Farmworker Justice as a template for comments, both for organizations/churches/groups as well as for individuals. Both are needed. It includes space for personalization and the opportunity to add specific examples or additional information. The proposal from DOL is very long and complex. Farmworker Justice’s template is lengthy as well, so please consider just choosing one or two of the highlighted segments, respond in your own words, and send. We have been told that if comments are not significantly customized they will not be considered in order to discourage mass produced response.

For a simpler step, please visit the UFW website and participate in their e-mail response cards…designed for the impact mass volume can produce. Either way, please email the National Farm Worker Ministry to let us know that you have taken action and named NFWM in your comments.

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