Sign E-Petition to Reynolds American

Sign E-Petition to Reynolds American & support tobacco farm workers.

Tobacco rally 3_resizeDear NFWM Supporters,
Our friends at the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) have issued an e-petition to Reynolds American asking for them to sign an agreement with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) that would push the tobacco company’s suppliers toward respecting worker rights in the fields!

This is an important action to support FLOC & tobacco farm workers in the Southeast. Please sign the petition today by clicking on the link below.  Then share it with your networks.

We have a goal of 10,000 signatures by June 8th.  NFWM will then join FLOC and their allies in delivering the petition to Reynolds’ corporate management mid-June to coincide with World Day Against Child Labor.

Reynolds cannot continue to ignore farm workers in their supply chain when thousands of people all over this country are calling on them to do the right thing.

Now is the time for Reynolds to sign. Act Today!


Mr. Thomas C. Wajnert
Chairman of the Board, Reynolds American Inc.

Dear Mr. Wajnert:
I am appalled by the inhumane working conditions and low pay many of the farmworkers who pick your tobacco in North Carolina must endure. No worker should have to ruin their health by exposure to nicotine and pesticide poisoning, or unhygienic working conditions, just to feed their families.

Workers must be a vital part of crafting a sustainable solution to the problems they face in the fields, and I urge you to sign an agreement with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) to develop a system for tobacco farm workers in North Carolina to negotiate for better wages, improved working conditions, and establish a committee that can resolve issues for tobacco workers and growers when they arise.

I stand in solidarity with the workers who have rallied outside your shareholders meetings for eight years straight now, calling for this kind of agreement, and ask that you to do the right thing by engaging with FLOC to give the workers a voice in the fields.


Support FLOC and tobacco farm workers.

Sign the petition today and share with your networks.


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