Prayers for CIR

  • Migrant by trainLet us pray for our legislators, for farm workers, and for others whom we have indentured by borders, laws, and our demand for cheap labor. Let us pray that they may be set free to work without fear, to travel home without risk, and to be treated with the respect deserved by all.
  • We pray, God, for  your help in tearing down the borders we have built around our own hearts, that we may see you in each person, and that we may learn to love and welcome each of your children as members of one people, one world, and of one God.
  • Father of the poor, God of love, you made us all your children; we praise You and thank You. Full us with a sense of justice. Help us in your work, to take the side of the lowly, to defend the newcomer, to welcome the stranger. Help us now to befriend the friendless, protect the weak children, and work for the rights of all. Lord, on our journey home, bring us together in peace, in justice, and in love, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
    National Conference of Catholic Bishops
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