Orlando YAYA at UCF's Diversity Week

diversity3On Thursday November 4th, Orlando YAYA took part in UCF’s Diversity Week as a way to educate the public about the issues that farmworkers face in their communities and

work place. Our very own Antonio did an amazing job presenting to what we assumed was an unaware audience; for the most part, we were thankfully


wrong and glad to know that some of the attending audience were somewhat aware of the migrant farmworkers’ struggle.

We also took advantage of the presentation by holding a fundraising raffle organized by our very talented, Nadia Garzon! Up for grabs were a pair of tickets to a theme park, pretty sweet stuff. I sadly did not win ANYTHING! I really wanted to win them so I could spend a fun filled day with my lovely girlfriend, Huong. Who attended the meeting, and loved it, of course.

In the back of the room were a few educational poster boards that a few of us worked on the previous night.

We also had a 75 pound bag that farm workers use when picking oranges; the bag was there for attendees to experience, first hand, how heavy the bags are that farmworkers have to use in the fields.

This presentation was important to the farmworker struggle because educating the public about their struggle is an immensely important part of a successful campaign; for YAYA, it was an immense success because we recruited the insanely educated Curtis Hierro to our team!

We are all looking forward to enjoying, and learning from, this amazing individual; Welcome to YAYA Curtis 🙂

Juan Barredo
Orlando YAYA

(Photos courtesy of Juan Barredo)

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