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NFWM Executive Board member, Sam Trickey, stands alongside members of the CIW

Photo by the Coalition of Imokalee Workers

Congratulations to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for its successful Southeast Publix Truth Tour! NFWM and its Youth and Young Adult Network (YAYA) stand with the CIW in their  quest for justice.

The two-week tour started in Gainesville, Florida, where supporters organized a  week-long series of actions in support of farm workers.

NFWM Executive Board member, Sam Trickey, was involved in these actions. From the CIW website:

Sam Trickey of the National Farm Worker Ministry took the mic next, addressing the biblical passage, “the poor will always be with you.” The poor will be always with us, he explained, because it will always in someone’s short-term interest to exploit others. But over the long-term, the oppressor can never come out ahead, as their actions fly in the face of the “biblical witness of justice.” Read More

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