Know who harvested YOUR Christmas tree?

You Can Make a Difference for Farm Workers

“…Your support has been a crucial part of our victories. We’re grateful for the many times you have boycotted, marched, rallied, attended meetings, fasted and prayed with us. We thank you for always being ready and willing to answer our calls for support.”  – Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)

It’s a hard and dangerous job. But, Miguel is grateful for it and he takes pride in his work.

Miguel deserves fair pay so he can support his family and worker protections to help keep him safe.

He depends on NFWM supporters like you to help him make that happen.

As you celebrate the holidays this year, remember farm workers like Miguel.

We depend on them and they depend on us.

Please make a generous tax-deductible gift to National Farm Worker Ministry today!

Happy Holidays from National Farm Worker Ministry

Julie, Susan, Andrew & Alex

We at NFWM have deep appreciation for our farm worker partner organizations, for our supporters and most of all for the men, women and children farm workers who provide for us all.  As NFWM’s 45th Anniversary year comes to a close, enjoy our 4-part email series on Gratitude over the next couple of weeks. If you are not yet signed up for our mailing list, please do so now.

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