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Immigration Congress

On Nov 18-20, a YAYA and NFWM delegation attended the Florida Immigrant Coalition’s Annual Congress. This event, which took place in Gainesville, included workshops regarding issues that affect immigrants, making plans for the next year and social time.

Photo courtesy of Jose Soto

Some of the workshops that we attended discussed the economics of detention centers, racist laws in the US, neighborhood defense committees, fundraising, Secure Communities, and other relevant topics.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to attend this congress and feel very proud   to be a part of the immigrant rights movement in Florida.

The NFWM/YAYA delegation: the Maniau family: Hector, Melissa, Delani and Dakota (NFWM Orlando), Lariza Garzon (Staff), Sergio Castaneda (Deland YAYA), Nicole Godreau (Orlando YAYA) and Antonio Franco (Tampa Bay YAYA)

Special thanks to Beto Soto for housing our group 😉

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