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Homestead FWAF's Christmas Posada!

homestead_posada_2On December 21st, I met up with Nataly Azcurra, her mother, and two sisters in Homestead, Florida to celebrate YAYA-NFWM’s last Posada for the year with the Farm Worker Association.

As the families started to pack into the office area, children played soccer on the side and waited anxiously for the gift unveiling.

During the event, FWAF leaders Elvira and Claudia recognized several FWAF-Homestead members for their work on the different platforms they’ve been working on – YAYA was also recognized for our work with FWAF. They also showed a slideshow of the many rallies,events,national and local representative visits, and their efforts to start a community garden in Homestead/Florida City.

We enjoyed delicious authentic Mexican food from ponche to pozole to tamales! After the food, YAYAs helped distribute toys among the children who lined up quickly to receive their presents! It was a delicious and heartfelt time! And I would say, most of the children enjoyed what they received.

For me, traveling to Homestead is always something special as I was born and raised in the rural, agriculture land. Events hosted by FWAF and their members comes full circle for me, as I have always been involved in agriculture in some way or another and migrant workers have been at my periphery since my inception. Now, they are in my forefront and such events allow me to recapitulate my commitment to farm worker justice around the world.

These events also give me the opportunity to talk with many of the workers and see what kind of work they are doing there. Homestead has an interesting array of agriculture work as many workers stay in the area because they can move from nursery work to farm work throughout the year. It’s always so exciting for me to learn the organizing practices, hear the passion, and see the dignity in FWAF’s work.

Posadas are great for YAYA to participate and support because we are able to meet with workers, celebrate the holidays with them, and assure our commitment to farm worker justice. These opportunities give YAYA members chances to bond with FWAF members and see first-hand the work they are doing in their communities.

This year YAYA-NFWM collected over 60 toys for the Homestead Posada! The smiling faces of children and youth reaffirmed my personal commitment to changing the oppressive conditions farm workers face! So here is to another year toward the fight for the families that feed us!

Nico Gumbs
YAYA Coordinator

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