Harvest of Justice 2023 Resources Now Available

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NFWM’s annual Harvest of Justice resources are now available for you to use and share with your communities. The 2023 theme is “Farm Workers & Racism: The Struggle for Justice, Respect, & Fair Pay.”

From slavery to sharecropping to exclusions in labor laws, our food system is rooted in racism. Today, our nation’s farm workers continue to face challenges and risks connected to this legacy. Weekly topics include a history of racism in agriculture, environmental racism, modern day slavery, and more. We encourage you to follow the complete 6-week program or choose what works best for your community.

Harvest of Justice is an annual educational program that provides resources including information sheets, videos, and social media content so that you can help your faith community learn about issues affecting farm workers. Harvest of Justice is an opportunity to raise consciousness, commitment, and contributions.

The Harvest of Justice Season falls between Labor Day and World Food Day (Sept. 5 – Oct. 16, 2022). Labor Day in America focuses on our country’s labor movement and the many ways that US workers have given their toil to make our country prosper. Farm workers are among them. It is a fitting beginning to the Harvest of Justice season. And we end with World Food Day, an annual recognition of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ founding in 1945. Primarily observed by organizations concerned with food security, we recognize that many farm workers are themselves in need of food even though they work to feed our nation.

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