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Harvest of Justice 2020: Farm Workers and the Environment

Farm Workers and the Environment

Harvest of Justice 2020: Farm Workers & the Environment

The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the U.S. through higher temperatures, increase in wildfires, prolonged droughts, frequent flooding and more frequent and stronger hurricanes. Farm workers – men, women, children, documented, undocumented, migrant, resident – are on the front lines of the brunt of climate change. As climate change forces significant agricultural adaptations and farmers continue to feel pressure to make shortcuts concerning labor, farm workers will feel the first and most severe impacts on their working and living conditions.

We urge people of faith and conscience to hear the call and stand with farm workers to challenge oppressive systems in order to bring healing to individuals, communities, and the earth.

Farm Workers and the Environment is divided into 6 subtopics. Each contains videos, an information sheet, action ideas, and additional resources.

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