Give Thanks to Farm Workers for our Food

To sustain us this Thanksgiving – A message from NFWM Executive Director Julie Taylor

So much is attached to this holiday – commercials, traditions, expectations. At the same time, many live with the challenges of loved ones no longer present or economic realities that make even basic food something wished for or a work requirement which means this holiday feels a lot like every other day.  As you pause around a meal, be it feast or something less, think of the farm workers who harvest these foods we eat.  If you gather with friends or family or both or none, give thanks for the hard working hands who picked the fruit and vegetables you eat this day and every day. Give thanks, friends. In the end, that is what this day is about, however overshadowed it is with other things.  Just give thanks, today and every day for food and friends and family and faith and farm workers.

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