Farm Workers & Immigration Webinar


Immigration is a complex issue that can impact almost every facet of an immigrant’s life. The majority of farm workers are foreign-born, therefore, farm worker issues are immigrant issues and vice versa. Many of our nation’s farm workers lack authorization and do not have a reasonable path to citizenship. Sadly, the varied immigration status of farm workers and their families make them even more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. 

Learn more by joining Migrant Justice and NFWM on Tuesday, June 11 at 2pm for their free webinar about the impact of immigration on farm workers. The webinar will be available in English and Spanish.

We encourage you to register even if you can not attend as we will be sending a recording of the webinar to all who registered.


Want to learn even more about this topic? We encourage you to explore and share all of our immigration resources, including a bilingual short film and immigration mythbusters.


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