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EVENT: NFWM Connecting Communities Camp Outreach Training

NFWM’s Connecting Communities Project training for volunteers will be this Sunday, June 20 from 2:30-5pm at the HIVE (1214 Grove Street, Greensboro). Please RSVP if you’re able to make it.

The Connecting Communities Project’s goals are to:

  1. Locate migrant labor camps in Guilford & Forsyth Counties. (This will help FLOC organizers to identify especially unregistered camps).
  2. Talk about the Census (through the end of June); Survey for farmworkers (July – Oct.)
  3. Begin to develop relationships with those who live at the labor camps for potential delegation visits, connection to local congregations and possible participation in a human rights assessment.

The duration of the project is from June – October 15

The training will include information on the following:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Alexandria Jones
National Farm Worker Ministry NC

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