Digital Day of Action! Support the Immigration Bill S.744!

Photos from the Fields Campaign

FBalertDigital Day of Action! On Tuesday, June 25th use #FieldFotos on Facebook and Twitter.  Help United Farm Workers raise the voices, stories, & images of farmworkers while telling U.S. Senators to support the Senate immigration bill (S.744) & a pathway to citizenship for farmworkers & their families.  See attachment for details.


La Campaña “Fotos del Campo”

!Día de Acción Digital! El martes, 25 Junio utilice #FieldFotos en Facebook y Twitter. Ayúdenos a levantar las voces, las historias y las imágenes de los trabajadores del campo y decirles a los Senadores que apoyen la propuesta de ley migratoria del Senado (S. 744) y un camino a la ciudadanía para los trabajadores del campo y sus familias. Adjunto se encuentra más información.

Read more below for instructions.


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1.      Farmworkers and Supporters: Take a photo(s) holding a poster/banner that says “Con La Unión de Campesinos Tendremos Papeles” or “I support farmworkers and S.744.”  Farmworkers: you can also take pictures in the fields to show what a day at work looks like

2.       Select Facebook , Twitter, or BOTH.

            We will provide you with a full list of Senate twitter names. But our key target is Senator Chambliss .@SaxbyChambliss

3.      Upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter or both.

4.      Use the following Farmworker or Supporter sample messages on Twitter & Facebook:

.@Senator_____ I am a farmworker in Fresno & I need you to vote for the #CIR bill. #FieldFotos @UFWupdates @UFWF
.@Senator_____ I am a farmworker supporter in Bakersfield & I need you to vote for the #CIR bill #FieldFotos @UFWupdates @UFWF

Note: make sure to put a period (.) before your tweets. “.@Senator….” It allows the tweet/post to be public.

5.      Use the hashtag #FieldFotos at the end of your message on Twitter & Facebook

6.      On TWITTER include @UFWupdates and @UFWF.

7.      On FACEBOOK include @UFW Foundation and @UFW.  

8.      Finally share, post or tweet the picture and brief message!

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