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Celebrate Cesar’s Birthday during Farm Worker Awareness Week

In the spring, NFWM traditionally encourages each of our supporters to celebrate Cesar’s birthday by sharing your commitment to farm worker justice with others. Your commitment changes others.

Use this time of celebration & remembrance to continue Cesar’s work. Look over the ideas and resources below and choose something that works for you.

SIMPLE: Invite Friends

Invite several people you care about to learn more from the voices of farm workers.

There are beautiful video internet resources available on the lives & struggles of farm workers today.

Reflect together on what you’ve seen & heard and then act to support a current farm worker campaign.

SIMPLER: Weekend Worship

Include Cesar & farm workers in your congregation’s weekend worship.

Talk with your pastor or liturgist about including a prayer honoring Cesar and farm workers .

Announce that postcards or a petition will be available for to support a current farm worker campaign.

SIMPLEST: Meals & Meetings

How many meetings will you attend in FWA week? How many times will you pray at meals with others?

Each of these is a perfect chance to pray & act simply for farm workers. Briefly tell the others why you care about Cesar & farm workers, offer the prayer, then invite people to sign a postcard or petition for a current farm worker campaign.

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