Bruce Hanson ¡Presente!

The National Farm Worker Ministry has lost one of our dearest, oldest and wisest friends. D. Bruce Hanson passed away May 16, 2019 after a brief illness. For decades Bruce served as a consultant to the Executive Committee of the Board and the Executive Director of NFWM. His insights and counsels are greatly missed. While Bruce was not able to attend most NFWM board meetings in the past six years, he was a mainstay throughout the 2000’s and earlier. And so many NFWM staff, board members and farm worker movement partners and friends had the great fortune to spend time with Bruce and delight in his cheerful and open personality and his quiet and thoughtful wisdom. Bruce Hanson personified grace. We, along with all who knew Bruce, miss him. And with the multitudes we call out, “¡PRESENTE Bruce Hanson!

Our deepest condolences to Bruce’s wife Rev. Jean Alexander and his family.

The memorial service will be Saturday, Jun. 15, 2019, 11:00 AM, First Congregational United Church of Christ, 945 G Street N.W, Washington, DC

A remarkable man, Bruce taught me a lot about combining unflagging passion for social justice with rationality and sober thought about how to achieve progress with integrity. For decades he was enormously valuable to National Farm Worker Ministry. Samuel Trickey, Past President, NFWM and current Treasurer

Bruce was such a vital part of the ministry when I began attending meetings. He was a friend and a colleague and possessed such a profound, gracious spirit. He will be missed by so many and remembered so well! Presente! Sylvia Campbell, Immediate Past President, NFWM

I first met Bruce 43 years ago when he was at the Center for Community Change. Always an amazing spirit of compassion and justice. Hector Rodriguez, President, NFWM

Bruce Hanson Obituary


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