Brother Towns Movie Screening

On October 25, YAYA hosted a movie screening that both, educated people on a relevant issue and sparked interest in our organization. We superseded our attendance goal with 23 people staying for the film total. It was an enjoyable period as there was a nice selection of vegetarian foods and delicious snacks.

Following the movie, the guests were engaged in a discussion headlined by Emily, Brian, and Jon. Brother Towns is an extremely engrossing film about the troubles of being an immigrant in this country (undocumented or otherwise). It describes the journeys specifically of a group of Guatemalans living in an “immigrant community” in Jupiter, Florida. The problem with living in one of these so-called communities, is the blatant racism associated with undocumented peoples. And yes, it is hard for some people to even remember that these individuals are human beings – no different than you and me. What this film mainly showed me, and as I believe everyone else in attendance, is that these are hard working people, with families of their own to look after. It’s extremely important to try and look at any issue facing our country as if we were on the other side of things; “economic Refugees”, please!

The interaction after the movie, however, was just as important. We discussed the power of choice when choosing words to describe undocumented peoples. Who is the protected versus the unprotected; the enemy so to speak. Throughout the movie, some anti-immigrant residents of Jupiter conveyed the Guatemalan immigrants as “criminals.” Clearly, this illustrates the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been fostered in our country, where middle and upper class people are afraid of the poor, considering them a potential threat to their country.

YAYA’s aim was to inform our community that this need not continue. With inclusive dialogues, we can stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. I mean without them, could you imagine the change in scope of our workforce? And can we stop acting as if the farm work and the construction they do is so pointless? These are skilled jobs too!!

Yogi Donovann
Orlando YAYA

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