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Farm workers picking strawberries on cold sunny morning

This event has ended. We encourage you to learn more about this topic by watching a recording of our webinar.

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Farm workers are some of the most oppressed workers in the United States. In some cases, they are subject to physical and psychological abuse in the fields. In the worst and most extreme cases, they live in conditions constituting modern-day slavery.

Join Marley Monacello & Lupe Gonzalo from Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Julie Taylor from NFWM on Tuesday, March 26 at 2PM/ET in learning more about how Farm Workers of all races still suffer from the enduring legacy of slavery and racism in America.

In our free webinar, offered in English and Spanish, viewers will discover how common slavery (human trafficking) is on today’s farms and what farm worker groups are doing to end slavery for good.



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