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Advocating For A Better Farm Bill

Alianza Farm Bill Action

On January 16, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas were in Washington D.C engaging with representatives to advocate for a Farm Bill that prioritizes farm worker needs.The Farm Bill is the key legislation in the United States that governs every aspect of the food system. Every five years, politicians and movements meet to make a new law. The bill includes resources for food programs and land access. But, farm workers are not among its hundreds of pages! By design, they have been excluded for too long. Here is a list of Alianza’s 2024 Farm Bill Priorities: Improve Farmworker Coordinator Position; Strengthen Worker Protections; Fund Rural Development; Support Beginning/Transitioning Farmers; Conduct Research; and Nutrition. Read more about Alianza’s Farm Bill priorities.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is urging Congress to pass a Farm Bill reauthorization that promotes: food for hungry neighbors at home and abroad, healthy rural and farming communities, inclusion of people of all backgrounds, and creation care to feed future generations. Click here to learn more about ELCA’s Farm Bill priorities.

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