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Activities for Older Children & Adults

Below are experiential activities to use with young people or adults to make farm worker issues come alive.

1. Farm worker Jeopardy

2. Repollo/ Cabbage Game
A “cabbage” made of sheets of paper balled up around each other to look like a cabbage is thrown from person to person in the room. Each sheet of paper has a question about farmworkers and the answer. The person with the cabbage in hand asks the rest of the group the question on the paper and the group tries to guess the answer. When the right answer is guessed, the cabbage is thrown to a different person in the circle.

3. Farm Worker Truth or False
You give participants a farmworker “quiz” and then review the answers to see how much people know—or don’t know—about farmworkers.

4. Sit down If…
With all participants standing, you make statements like “You have access to a washer and dryer and could wash clothes right away if they got really dirty and you needed to.” Most of the participants will sit down. Then, share with people a farm worker fact illustrating that they do not have access to things we take for granted. This activity is focussed primarily on conditions in North Carolina.

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