Standing in the Gap with Farm Workers

From the 2013 Summer edition of NFWM’s News and Views Newsletter:

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Standing in the Gap with Farm Workers

“Today, as we become aware of the suffering experienced by those who harvest our food, we become uncomfortable at our tables. As we get involved with farm workers in their struggle for self-determination and empowerment, we disrupt the careful ways we have organized our lives. As we commit with them to that struggle for the long haul, we awaken a spirit deep within – a spirit of patience, courage, and hope that brings out the best in us, and enables us, together, to stand in the gap.”

Excerpted from a speech Virginia gave in 2001 during the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s campaign with the Mt. Olive Pickle Company. The company signed an agreement with FLOC in 2004. To read the entire speech click here or call 314-726- 6470 and request a hard copy mailed to you.

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