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Christmas Drive!


On this holiday season we are counting on your generosity!

YAYA is holding a donation drive for the holiday celebrations going on in farm worker communities throughout Florida.

Please make a donation or help us collect donations with your friends and relatives!



We will be collecting:

Donations will be collected until December 21 at the NFWM office.


Please send us an email or give us a call at 386.801.1232 for questions or if you are planning to drop off donations or need them picked up!!

Posadas are a traditional Catholic Mexican Celebration of the Nativity. Usually, the posada takes place nine days before Christmas Eve to represent the nine days in which Joseph and Mary where searching for shelter before Mary gave birth to Jesus. Posadas are celebrated in the house of a different relative or friend on each of the nine days. The hosts of the posada represent the innkeepers, or the individuals who provide the shelter, while the guests represent Mary and Joseph. Traditionally, the guests ask three different houses for shelter, but only the third house will let them in. That is the house where the posada takes place. During the posadas people pray to the rosary and have piñatas for the children.

YAYA has attended farm worker posadas since 2009. You can check out some pictures and reports here and here.

Please donate generously this holiday season and join us for this community celebrations!

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