Tell Reynolds that farmworkers deserve basic rights!

A message from Oxfam America and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee:

If you are a farmworker in America, chances are you won’t live to be 50. That’s because the average life expectancy for a U.S. farmworker is 49 years. For an average citizen, it’s 79. That’s a 30-year difference – and one that shouldn’t exist.

Farmworkers have been asking for years to meet with Reynolds Tobacco – to simply have a conversation about the state of their working conditions. But Reynolds has failed to sit down with farmworkers, leaving the conversation silent and workers struggling to get by.

This fight isn’t about more vacations or longer lunch breaks – it’s about making the work of farmworkers safe and sustainable.

Call on Reynolds Tobacco to stop the systematic abuse of farmworkers – and meet with them to ensure they have a safe and sustainable working environment.

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